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Flutter Developer Salary in Nepal 2023

Greetings, aspiring developers! Welcome to a journey into the world of Flutter, a versatile cross-platform framework that empowers you to create stunning and responsive applications for mobile, web, and desktop with just one codebase. Flutter is a hot skill in the software industry, sought after for its high-performance capabilities, smooth animations, and a rich set of widgets and UI components.

Let’s embark on this delightful ride as we uncover the fascinating aspects of Flutter developer salary in Nepal. We will walk through the influencing factors and essential tips to boost your skills and income. The insights shared here are curated from credible sources, ensuring you have reliable information at your fingertips.

Average Flutter Developer Salary in Nepal

The average Flutter developer salary in Nepal, based on data from Payscale, stands at रू 6,00,000
annually or रू 50,000  per month. Please note that this is an average figure, and the actual salary may vary due to multiple factors.

Curious to know what affects your salary? Brace yourself, for we shall dive into those intriguing details:

  • Your experience and skill level
  • Your education and certification
  • Your location and employer
  • Your negotiation and communication skills

Experience and Skill Level

Your journey as a Flutter developer is an evolving story. The more experience and expertise you gain, the brighter your remuneration prospects become. Seasoned developers can handle intricate projects efficiently, deliver exceptional work, and tackle challenges adeptly.

According to PayScale, here are the average software developer salaries in Nepal, categorized by experience level:

Experience Level Average Salary (NPR)
Entry-level (0-1 year) 3,60,000
Mid-career (1-4 years) 6,00,000
Experienced(5-9 years) 18,00,000

While these figures are for software developers in general, they provide valuable insights into how experience levels influence income potential.

Now, how can you take your Flutter skills to new heights? Consider these steps:

  • Embark on real-world projects that challenge and enrich your expertise
  • Stay updated with the latest Flutter and related technology trends
  • Join online courses, workshops, or bootcamps to master new skills
  • Contribute to open-source projects or create your own Flutter apps or libraries
  • Connect with fellow Flutter developers in online communities and events
  • Seek guidance from seasoned developers for valuable feedback and mentorship

Education and Certification

Educational achievements and certifications are feathers in your cap as a Flutter developer. They showcase your dedication and competence, setting you apart from the crowd.

Nepal offers various institutions with Flutter-related courses:

  • Broadway Infosys Nepal – Provides a comprehensive 40-hour course covering Dart programming, state management, widgets, Firebase integration, and more at NPR 12,000.
  • IT Training Nepal – Offers a 45-hour course encompassing Dart programming, Flutter architecture, networking, testing, and more at NPR 15,000.
  • Softwarica College of IT and E-commerce – Provides a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Computing degree with a module on Mobile Application Development using Flutter at NPR 1,050,000.

Additionally, online platforms like Udemy, Coursera, and Flutter offer flexible and cost-effective certifications that complement your learning journey.

To excel in education and certification:

  • Choose a course or program that aligns with your budget, schedule, and goals
  • Devote yourself to the course and apply your learnings to practical projects
  • Showcase your certificates on your resume and online profiles
  • Keep your knowledge up to date with continuous learning and updates

Location and Employer

Your geographical location and employer play pivotal roles in determining your salary. Factors like the cost of living, demand and supply of Flutter developers, employer reputation, and project scope all contribute to this.

Numbeo reports that Nepal boasts a relatively low cost of living, allowing Flutter developers to save more compared to other countries. However, the demand for Flutter developers in Nepal may be comparatively lower, with fewer job openings available.

To explore more location and employer opportunities:

  • Research Flutter developer trends and demand in various regions and countries
  • Consider relocating to areas with higher demand and salaries
  • Explore remote work or freelance opportunities across borders
  • Build a strong online presence showcasing your skills and portfolio
  • Cultivate professional relationships with Flutter communities
  • Negotiate your salary based on your value and the market rate

Negotiation and Communication Skills

Your prowess in negotiation and communication can significantly impact your Flutter developer salary. By presenting yourself professionally and convincingly, you can persuade employers to recognize your worth.

To polish your negotiation and communication skills:

  • Research salary ranges for Flutter developers in your area using sources like Neuvoo, PayScale, or Glassdoor
  • Evaluate your skills, experience, education, and certification to understand your value
  • Quantify your achievements as a Flutter developer to make a compelling case
  • Set clear goals and prioritize your expectations
  • Practice negotiation scenarios with a mentor or friend for valuable feedback
  • Be confident, assertive, and respectful in your negotiations
  • Showcase the value you bring to employers and how you can address their needs
  • Listen actively and empathetically to employer concerns
  • Be willing to compromise and find win-win solutions
  • Do thorough research before making or accepting offers
  • Refrain from discussing salary matters with others unless appropriate


Dear readers, we hope this exploration has enlightened you on Flutter developer salaries in Nepal. Remember that the average stands at रू 6,00,000 annually or रू 50,000 per month, subject to varying factors.

To elevate your salary, embrace continuous growth by learning, gaining experience, obtaining relevant certifications, and exploring diverse opportunities. Flutter offers a world of possibilities with its high performance, fast development, rich UI, and supportive community.

Whether you’re in Nepal or anywhere across the globe, step into the world of Flutter with determination. Learn the foundations of Flutter and Dart programming, embark on your app-building journey, and conquer new frontiers in the world of mobile and web development.

If you have any questions or thoughts, feel free to share them below. Wishing you all the best in your Flutter endeavors. Happy coding!

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